Lewisham People Before Profit

Welcome to the new Lewisham People Before Profit website.

The party was formed in 2008 bringing together campaigners who had been active on various issues including the New School Campaign, Save Ladywell Pool and Stop the Lewisham Gateway development.

We saw that the Labour council was contracting out public services to private firms and failing to deal with the housing crisis. This was before the Lib-Con coalition government.

Please see our Facebook page for a fuller account of what we have been doing recently.


Under the current "first past the post" system there is very little point in standing in elections in Lewisham. Most people don't bother to vote because they know that whoever they vote for it makes no difference.

With all 54 councillors being from the Labour Party we are working hard to get someone from another party elected and we have made good links with almost all other parties. We agreed with the Green Party that we would not stand candidates in Brockley or Ladywell in the last local elections and they stood only one candidate in New Cross, Telegraph Hill and Evelyn wards where we are the strongest opposition to Labour, although in the end we decided to only stand in the mayoral election.

We will be standing candidates in the Bellingham, New Cross and Sydenham by-elections on 6th May 2021.

Website Updates

15 April 2021. Please note that the website is currently being updated.


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Address : 2 Pendrell Road London SE4 2PB

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